INES Project Documentation

1.- Introduction

2.- IUE Final Spacecraft Report

Complete Report: 2575 Kbytes. You can also click on individual chapters:

Contents (9 Kbytes)
Introduction (12 Kbytes)
General spacecraft description(389 Kbytes)
Operations highlight summary (34 Kbytes)
Orbit (247 Kbytes)

Power subsystem (387 Kbytes)
Command subsystem (24 Kbytes)
Communications system (55 Kbytes)
Data handling subsystem (318 Kbytes)
Attitude control subsystem (568 Kbytes)
The onboard computer (108 Kbytes)
Scientific instrument (78 Kbytes)
Spacecraft thermal design (184 Kbytes)
Appendices (34 Kbytes)
List of acronyms and abbreviations (9 Kbytes)

3.- The IUE Final Archive


Complete Manual: 3683 Kbytes. You can also click on individual chapters:
Introduction (103 Kbytes)
Description of IUE Data (1333 Kbytes)
Data Quality Flag Description (122 Kbytes)
Raw Image Screening (188 Kbytes)
Raw Image Registration (270 Kbytes)
Photometric Correction (180 Kbytes)
Image Resampling (446 Kbytes)
Wavelength Calibration (693 Kbytes)
Low-Dispersion Flux Extraction (189 Kbytes)
High-Dispersion Flux Extraction (306 Kbytes)
Calibration of the Net Flux (267 Kbytes)
Final Archive Data Products (327 Kbytes)
Assessing NEWSIPS Data Quality (117 Kbytes)
Core Data Items (234 Kbytes)


High-Dispersion Background Determination Algorithm (299 Kbytes)
Glossary (94 Kbytes)
References (81 Kbytes)
The IUE Flux Scale (323 Kbytes)
Non linearities in IUE data (317 Kbytes)
The IUE DN159 DMU Anomaly (265 Kbytes)
Quality Control of the IUE Final Archive (111 Kbytes)
Evaluation of IUE High Resolution Spectra Processed with Newsips (362 Kbytes)

4.- INES - IUE Newly Extracted Spectra

INES Data Description (107 Kbytes)
INES Noise Models (274 Kbytes)
LWP (FITS file, 2568 Kbytes)
LWR (FITS file, 2568 Kbytes)
SWP (FITS file, 2568 Kbytes)
Extraction of Low Dispersion Spectra for INES (264 Kbytes)
Comparison of IUE Flux Extraction by INES and NEWSIPS (158 Kbytes)
Concatenation and Rebinning of IUE High Resolution Spectra (368 Kbytes)

5.- INES Data Access

INES Distribution System: Structure and Requirements (121 Kbytes)
INES WWW Server (101 Kbytes)
INES Access Catalogue (69 Kbytes)

6.- IUE Papers

IUE References from 1978 until June 2001 (1793 Kbytes)

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