The INES System

INES stands for "IUE Newly Extracted Spectra". The INES System refers to both the data and the associated access software. The purpose of the INES System is to reach the maximum number of scientists with a simple distribution system, and to provide IUE spectra in a form that does not require a detailed knowledge of the intrumental characteristics.

The Data

INES data have been obtained through processing of the Final Archive output products. The data contained in the INES files therefore differ from those of the Final Archive MXLO and MXHI files.
INES data consist of2:

The Access Catalogue

The Access Catalogue contains all the information required to query the Archive.

The Publications Catalogue

The Publications Catalogue holds all the individual spectra which appear in publications about IUE observations in the major journals. From this catalogue are generated the associated BIBCODES which allow to search the Astrophysics Data System database.

The Distribution System

The system is designed according to the client/server model in which the client queries the archive and requests data and the server provides the information. The Principal Center and the National Hosts are the servers and the client is at the end user node. The PRINCIPAL CENTRE contains the complete database and archive server. It contains all on-line archive sets and provides access to data not available at the National Hosts. The NATIONAL HOSTS provide easy access to the Archive. They contain the Access and Publications Catalogues and the low dispersion and rebinned spectra. Requests are resolved locally or forwarded to the Principal Center. The END USER NODES access the National Hosts and/or the Principal Center via the Word Wide Web. No special software is required other than the standard network support packages.2


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