HD 64760

HD 64760 is a rapidly rotating B0.5 Ib star (v sin(i)=238 km/s). This star was monitored  for almost 16 days in January 1995. This extensive coverage reveals a pattern of rapidly evolving discrete absorption components  which typically migrate from -200 km/s to -1500 km/s in less than 12 hr. These features coexist with more slowly evolving structures lasting several days. Time-series analysis of the lines profile variations presents a clear 1.2 day periodicity, which is a quarter of the estimated maximum rotation period of HD 64760 (4.8 days).

The figure shows the evolution of the SiIV doublet during the two weeks of observations. The two vertical white lines mark the rest position of the two component of the doublet.

Click here to see an animated view of how the profile of the lines changes with time.

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