Debris discs are a consequence of the planet formation process and constitute the fingerprints of planetesimal systems. Their solar system’s counterparts are the asteroid and Edgeworth-Kuiper belts.

The DUNES survey aims at detecting extra-solar analogues to the Edgeworth-Kuiper belt around solar-type stars, putting in this way the solar system into context. DUNEs has used used Herschel/PACS to observe a sample of nearby FGK stars. Data at 100 and 160 µm were obtained, complemented in some cases with observations at 70 µm, and at 250, 350 and 500 µm using SPIRE.

One of the goals of the DUNES consortium is to provide the astronomical community with a legacy VO-compliant archive. The DUNES Final Archive System is designed to ensure that other research groups gain easy access to both Herschel reduced data and ancillary data (photometry and physical parameters).

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The DUNES Archive has been developed in the framework of the Spanish Virtual Observatory project (AYA 2011-24052). The system is maintained by the Data Archive Unit of the CAB (CSIC -INTA).

If you use DUNES data in your research, please include the following acknowledgement in any resulting publications: "Based on data from the DUNES Archive at CAB".

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