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HIP171 HIP544 HIP910 HIP2941 HIP3093 HIP3497 HIP3821 HIP3909 HIP4148 HIP7513
HIP7978 HIP8768 HIP10138 HIP10798 HIP11452 HIP11964 HIP12777 HIP13402 HIP14954 HIP15330
HIP15371 HIP15799 HIP16134 HIP17420 HIP17439 HIP19849 HIP19884 HIP22263 HIP23311 HIP25110
HIP27887 HIP28103 HIP28442 HIP29271 HIP29568 HIP32439 HIP32480 HIP33277 HIP34017 HIP34065
HIP35136 HIP36439 HIP38382 HIP38784 HIP40693 HIP40843 HIP42430 HIP42438 HIP43587 HIP43726
HIP44897 HIP45333 HIP45617 HIP46580 HIP47592 HIP49081 HIP49908 HIP51459 HIP51502 HIP53721
HIP54646 HIP56452 HIP57507 HIP57939 HIP58345 HIP62145 HIP62207 HIP62523 HIP64792 HIP64797
HIP65026 HIP65721 HIP67275 HIP67422 HIP67620 HIP68184 HIP68682 HIP69965 HIP70319 HIP70857
HIP71181 HIP71681 HIP71683 HIP71908 HIP72567 HIP72603 HIP72848 HIP73100 HIP73182 HIP73184
HIP73996 HIP77052 HIP78459 HIP78775 HIP79248 HIP80725 HIP82860 HIP83389 HIP84862 HIP85235
HIP85295 HIP86036 HIP86796 HIP88601 HIP88972 HIP89042 HIP91009 HIP92043 HIP95995 HIP96100
HIP96441 HIP97944 HIP98959 HIP99240 HIP99461 HIP101955 HIP101997 HIP103389 HIP104214 HIP104217
HIP105312 HIP106696 HIP107350 HIP107649 HIP108870 HIP109378 HIP109422 HIP110109 HIP113357 HIP113576
HIP114948 HIP116745 HIP120005

Object ID
Physical Parameters
      Proper motions
      Spectral type
      log g
      v sin i
      Age X-rays
      Age Ca II
      Johnson BV/Cousins I
      Strömgren b-y, m1, c1
      2MASS JHK_s
      Additional JHKLL'M
      IRAS 12, 25, 60 mu
      Akari 9, 18 mu
      WISE 3.4, 11.6, 22.1 mu
      MIPS/Spitzer 24, 70 mu
      PACS 70, 100, 160 mu
      SPIRE 250, 350, 500 mu

  Quick summary sheet  
   SED    Photospheric model (ASCII)      Spitzer/IRS spectrum (ASCII)  
   PACS mosaics    SPIRE small maps PACS chop nod images
(For HIP7978 and HIP113357)


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