X-exoplanets: an X-ray and EUV archive for exoplanets   

This data server provides access to the X-exoplanets database. X-exoplanets is a project devoted to collect the X-ray (and a few EUV) observations of stars with exoplanets, and to model the stellar XUV emission in the 1-1200 Å range. The main purpose of this database is to provide the scientific community with coronal radiation models that can be fed into planetary atmospheric models, to test different effects of high energy photons on exoplanets.


If you intend to use "X-exoplanets" data in your research, please include the following acknowledgment in any resulting publications: "Based on data from the X-exoplanets Archive at the CAB", with bibliographic reference: Sanz-Forcada et al. 2011, A&A 532, A6, http://adsabs.harvard.edu/abs/2011A%26A...532A...6S .

  • The system is maintained by the Data Archive Unit of the CAB (CSIC -INTA).