GAUDI Overview


GAUDI, the COROT Ground-Based Archive System, provides the following functionality to the end-user:

Archive Searches

Queries are made by means of a fill-in form, and permits query by object name (or list of objects), coordinates, spectral type, instrument or photometric indices. Four output formats (HTML, ASCII or as tab- or comma-separated values) can be selected. The output fields (Spectroscopy, Photometry) may be ordered by coordinates, object identification, and spectral type. An on-line description of each archive search-keyword is available via links embedded in the query form.

Data Products

The server stores: Spectra are delivered as FITS files, and can be imported into standard image processing packages such as IDL, IRAF and MIDAS.

Data Retrieval

In the HTML output format, links are provided to plot and download individual spectrum. Groups of spectra can be retrieved, with group selection defined according to file type ( Average or Full), or fine-tuned by marking individual spectra. On-line descriptions of each output column and of data retrieval are available via embedded links in the output form.

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Last update: May 2014.