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COROT: ("COnvection, ROtation and Transits"), is a mission with two principal objectives: the study of stellar interiors using asteroseismology techniques, and the discovery of extrasolar planets using the transit method. Successfully launched in December 2006, CoRoT has been providing the astronomical community with a number of revolutionary results on the internal structure of stars and on the physical properties of extrasolar planets.

The need for an archive for the CoRoT data was identified in the early phases of the project. In March 2003, CAB was selected, together with the CDS, to be responsible for the long-term storage and maintenance of the CoRoT Final Archive, which will contain all CoRoT data processed in a homogeneous and uniform way. This Final Archive will represent the legacy of the mission for future generations of researchers and educators. In addition to the Final Archive, efficient data management and data interchange mechanisms have been set up to work during the operational phase of CoRoT. In this framework two types of archives have been defined.


        Archive Search

The CoRoT Public Archive at CAB is accessed by means of a web-based fill-in form that permits queries by observing run, observational programme (asteroseismology or exoplanet), type of data (monochromatic or chromatic light curves in the exoplanet channel), CoRoT identification, object name, and coordinates and radius. Searches can be filtered by different criteria like observing date, V magnitude, (B-V) color, spectral type and/or luminosity class. Searches are case-independent, and wildcards (\%) are permitted for the CoRoT ID field. The system furthermore incorporates a built-in name resolver allowing queries by any of the names provided by the SIMBAD database. The output fields may be ordered by coordinates or CoRoT identifier. The output format is in HTML with a pre-defined number of results shown per page.

        Results from Search

The system provides the following functionalities:

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